The roofing industry is booming, with many people looking to transition into that trade. For roofers who want to advance in their careers, the GAF Master Elite® Certification is a must-have credential that guarantees success. It is one of the most prestigious certifications in the roofing industry. Those who earn this credential have proven to be the most excellent and talented roofers.

What Is the GAF Master Elite® Certification?

Master Elite® Certification is an advanced level of training and education available through GAF, a leading manufacturer of roofing systems. The Master Elite® Roofing Specialist designation signifies that successful candidates have truly mastered many areas related to roofing. The comprehensive standardized training program combines classroom knowledge, hands-on application, and web-based learning. This rigorous standard of excellence ensures the most relevant and applicable information is presented to students.
Candidates should expect to spend time in class learning about the new areas of roofing. Topics such as the fundamentals, wind resistance, drainage, ventilation, new products, and warranty information are all included in the program. Once this initial training is complete, students are given an online exam covering all the material they learned during their study sessions.

Why Enroll in the GAF Master Elite® Certification?

The credential provides employers with reliable workers who can immediately be put into positions of leadership and responsibility. Master Elite® Certification also provides a competitive edge for those currently employed. Those who earn the GAF Master Elite® Roofing Specialist certification are rewarded with opportunities to advance, which can lead to higher wages and promotion opportunities. It also helps those seeking employment to land jobs more quickly.

Requirements to Earn the GAF Master Elite® Certification

Candidates who wish to qualify for this credential must have an A+ BBB Rating, a minimum of three years of work experience, advanced knowledge of roofing systems, insurance, and a license to operate in their state. To obtain this credential, candidates must pass the exam, maintain a high level of professionalism on the job, and maintain membership in the GAF Master Elite® Education Team.

Those who wish to pursue a career in roofing should enroll in the GAF Master Elite® Certification Training program. It is a solid foundation that will help prepare candidates for long-term success. By earning this designation, candidates can become valued team members. It also represents a strong indication of skill and dedication on the part of the candidate.

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