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I’m really happy with all the work and friendliness of everyone involved. Can’t wait for the rain to come to try out the roof! They came on a Monday to remove shingles and rotted wood and replaced the wood and then another crew came Tuesday, put the shingles on and were gone by noon. Both days they cleaned up the yard and got all the roofing nails removed that fell in the yard and around the house that missed the tarp they had laid down. Neighbors across the street had Dun-Right Roofing and saw what a job and mess they left plus the fact that one woman from day one put an umbrella in Kelly and Bob’s stink pipe, brought up a beach chair, plopped her ass in the chair, lit up a cigarette, and started talking on her cell phone. They were working on that roof 8 or 9 days and she worked maybe 3 of the days she was there with the others. They were finding nails and cigarette butts for several weeks after the roof was finally finished. I knew I’d never have them do my roof. Jim and Sue Elmer told me about Acoma and what a great job they had done and they are right! I’ll recommend Acoma to everyone. They’re excellent, plus the price was very reasonable. Much lower than I could ever imagine

— Mike Webber, April 2017

Acoma Roofing does quality work in a timely manor. I had zero life left on my roof and with rainy season, I was sure it would damage my ceilings. I needed the roof replaced fast but within my budget. I called several places before deciding on Acoma. Other roofing companies took days to respond to my request, even when I expressed how I felt my roof was caving in. Acoma responded within minutes. Acoma’s pricing was comparable to others but others did not have the experience and great reviews that Acoma has. They started my roof within a week and finished in 3 ½ days. I could not be happier with the work and customer service I received; I highly recommend Acoma Roofing.

— Ashlee Demiduk, April 2017

We replaced our 24 year old roof a month ago, a home with almost 4000 Sq ft barrel tiles. The roof replacement contract was performed by Acoma Roofing Inc. We are very pleased with the work they have done. Duane Richardson, Sales Representative from Acoma, met with us several times, collected our requirements and gave us their quote. He was always available to answer our clarification questions and adjustments to the quote. After meeting with Acoma owner Mr. Santis Squitiro along with Duane, we were convinced that we were hiring a good company to do the job. We were notified in advance the planned schedule and completion dates. The work was done in a timely manner as promised. Issues that came up during the work were all resolved to our satisfaction.The crew was always cordial, careful with the property and responsive. On completion, after inspection of the new roof, a few areas of concern were addressed with Santis and they were promptly and pleasantly taken care of. We have no hesitation to recommend this company based on our experience with them. Joseph and Annie

— Joseph Philipose, April 2017

Each of your crews were great. I have confidence in their work and anticipate being very satisfied with the finished results. Not something I can say after most contractors.

— Pat Sellers, April 2017

Ryder O’Brian expertly diagnosed my roof’s condition, proposed comprehensive repair, answered all my questions and served as the point of contact with Acoma during the repair process. He established a sense of trust with me based on this repair, as well as another repair performed during the prior year. I place high value on his contribution.

Israel Perez lead his tear-off team’s difficult effort to remove a section from a two story 8 in 12 pitch roof while taking extreme care to avoid damage to the remaining roof and surrounding grounds. He insured that chimney stones were carefully removed and proper tie-in was achieved with existing flashing. Their debris removal and work site cleanup was thorough and comprehensive.

Kenny Schweikle communicated with me quite well during the installation process to work out details, as he lead the installation team. The team’s skill and craftmanship was apparent as indicated by the finished roof section.

In general, I am impressed with character of Acoma’s employees. All are highly skilled, do their job without close direction, anticipate the next step, do not linger, cooperate with each other and are respectful of the home owner.

After the installation was completed, it was discovered that some material was not to specification. Calling this to Ryder O’Brian’s attention resulted in his negotiation with the material vendor and myself of a satisfactory settlement consideration. This settlement was handled both professionally and equitably.

— Robert Parker, January 2017

World Class Roof !!!!! Best Price and service !!!

— Chris Neumann, January 2017

Words cannot express how impressed and thankful for Acoma Roofing. We needed a new roof, we have already moved out of state and had to put 100% faith in them! Well they delivered in every aspect and more!!! I would recommend them for ANY roofing needs you have!!! Thank you Acoma roofing 😃

— Melissa Guido, December 2016

We needed to replace our aging and leaking tile Palm Harbor Acoma roofing gave us a very comprehensive and competitive quote. They also worked with our schedule to accomplish the replacement before a new tenant moved in…even right after Matthew. They also tarped the roof for us to prevent any damage while arranging the schedule. The job was done well, quickly and all new codes were followed allowing some insurance premium discounts. They communicated well and provided pictures. All this was done via phone and email since I am 1000 miles away. I would highly recommend them!!

— Greg and Lisa C, December 2016

My roof was stained pretty bad. It is gray shingle roof, that had areas of black and green stains, and it looked bad. I noticed even more after having some tree trimming completed. I contacted San Squitiro at Acoma Roofing, and they came out and gave me an estimate and did the job in the same week! Very fair pricing!!! Their crew arrived in a company wrapped vehicle, and were courteous, professional, and uniformed. They even cleaned out my gutters!!! BONUS! With the cleaning, they used only GREEN products to treat the roof, which made my wife very happy. San advised me it may take up to 3-6 months for the stains to disappear, and if they didn’t to call back, and they would treat it again. I never had to call him back. Stains were completely gone in about 3 months, due to the rain we had which helped speed up the process (I was told).

If you need your roof cleaned, I would HIGHLY recommend Acoma!!

— Jeff Wadulack, December 2016

Outstanding diagnosis. Incredible price!! Ryder came out in response to our water stained ceiling. Without ever going to the roof, he determined the problem was the air conditioner. And there was no charge. I would do business with this company any day.

— SP Davis, October 2016

We had a total tear off and replacement of our tile roof. They were kind , courteous and the roof looks fantastic! We would recommend them to anyone with roof issues.

— David P, October 2016

“I received your letter concerning rating your work with an on-line review.

I went to your website and the only review I realized I could submit required me to join a social media organization.  I am not a member of any such site nor will join one.

I was extremely pleased with the work done and would happily refer your company to others and rate is as A plus.  I would like to let you know why I chose your company for my roofing replacement.  Here ae the reasons.

A. Your representatives promptly called and schedule an appraisal. They showed up as scheduled in a clean vehicle and professional attire.

B. Your appraisal included all necessary options and conditions which might require the estimated repair costs to increase. I was given the option of approving or disapproving any repair work that was needed in the contract.  The contract specified the exact cost for any repairs.

C. Your office called and scheduled the work and the crew showed up on time. Again, they were all dressed professionally and with clean marked equipment.

D. All workers were employed by Acoma Roofing and no 3rd party contractors were involved. This is important as I did not want to worry about 3rd party liens.

E. Extreme care was taken to protect plants and other items on the property. When finished the foreman briefed me on what was done and gave me a schedule for returning to finish.  All exposed areas were protected from rain were the crew left and the area policed thoroughly to remove debris from work performed.

F. The foreman briefed me and showed me photos of areas were repair work was needed, the cost, and asked if I approved the work before they began.

Feel free use me as a reference.”

—Stephen C. Zakrzewski, 7/11/2016

The roofing job was mostly outstanding, but their communication could use some work. It took 9 weeks from acceptance of the proposal to the start of roofing, but, I get it, they are very busy. We have Solar Hot Water heating and Solar Pool heating, and had those arrays taken down, with a request to leave the supply/return pipes and mounting blocks in place. The mounting blocks were removed to apply the underlayment, and I understand it. However, there was no mention of what had been done with the mounting brackets (they were left on the chimney cap), so the Hot water collector could not be immediately reinstalled. A call to the office resolved this.
Then, I found that the tile roof installers had installed over my dryer vent. A call to the office was made, and this problem was also quickly resolved. I had thought that the dryer vent had just needed cleaning, and when I mentioned to the owner that I had this done, he immediately refunded what it cost me.
At this point, I paid Acoma, and they immediately released the lien on my house.
All in all, a good experience. My next-door neighbor, and a number of other people on my street have used Acoma. I guess my only issue is that I with I had been informed abut the missing parts, If someone had just left a note on my door, or otherwise told me, some of this could have been avoided.

— Robert Clark, June 2016

I have had 10 years of experience with Acoma repairs on public buildings, so when it came time for my new residential roof, there was no doubt who to call. From quote through installation and inspection, I could not have been be more pleased. Thank you Acoma; I was counting on you, and of course you came through again!

— Bryan Chaffee, June 2016

“My concrete tile roof was looking very aged but still not leaking so it was a good time to get quotes, evaluate the contractors without being in a rush and replace it during the dry season. I received quotes from 7 contractors for replacing it with shingles. Acoma was the selected contractor based on giving a thorough quote, a fair negotiation, discussing their workmanship benefits including the 25 year warrantee on material and workmanship plus having good references. They did not disappoint me. They were always updating me on the start date depending on the weather delays, started with a large crew who communicated well and were very proud of their work and company. The only issue I have had is that we are still picking up nails even after a month but this is not an uncommon observation. I would certainly recommend them to my neighbors.”

— 5/17/2016

We have used Acoma Roofing over the last several years for roof leak repairs, partial re-roof, and ultimately a total roof replacement. Everything in the written proposal was completed as promised and in the timeframe expected. The workers from start to finish were polite, and respectful of our requests and wishes. Our new roof is beautiful. I would highly recommend Acoma to anyone in need of any type of roof repair.

— Debra Johns, April 2016

Great service, great employees. I couldn’t be happier with my new roof. Everyone was professional, efficient and timely. Thank you!

— Lisa Neumann, April 2016

Our experience with all the individuals associated with Acoma was outstanding. From sales, scheduling, preparation, installation and clean up, every person was professional and knowledgeable. Our property was protected throughout the entire installation process. One guy actually spent all day doing nothing but cleaning up the job site. We would highly recommend Acoma for your roofing needs.

— Joy Weaver, March 2016

I priced Acoma against two other companies. Their price was second best, but I decided to go with them based on the sales promises. They did a very good job and completed the work in a timely manner. I would suggest them to others looking for a roof replacement.

— Pete VanSon, February 2016

Great company…..great people!!! Received several bids to replace our existing tile roof and also talked to other neighbors who had used Acoma. While not the least expensive bid I received, the verbal recommendations I received helped us make up our mind pretty quickly. From the initial sales contact, to the actual work being done everything went very smoothly. The staff took great care to keep our property cleaned up during the entire project and when they were done, the final results were amazing!! If you’re looking for a dependable, trustworthy organization—look no further than Acoma Roofing.

— Michael Chenderlin, February 2016

Very honest business  who I explained to that I couldn’t afford a new roof even though my roof is 20 years old and does need replacing they fixed the leaks  on my roof and until the economy turns and my finances turn the repairs are perfect. they are a great group of guys that went out of their way to let me know when they first arrived and gave me the courtesy to let me know the repair was done when they left. Even though they incurred a little bit more work than they thought they stay true to the estimate right on the money as far as I’m concerned they are the only roofing company that I will use!

— Christopher N., 04/23/2015

“They did a great job on very little notice on my 20-year-old leaky roof, and they billed me for slightly less than I was quoted. I know I will need a new roof in the future, and frankly, I can’t afford one now. The repairs have given me peace of mind, as the water leaks in my roof were a huge concern. The water leaks are gone, and they even followed up with me to check to make sure it was done and not leaking anymore. I will get my new roof from Acoma when I can afford it, but for now I have no roofing worries and am a very happy customer. Acoma is trustworthy, reliable, and reasonable.”

— 6/18/2014

“Ryder O’Brien did a thorough job of pinpointing a leak in my condo’s roof on 2/19/14. He was polite and professional. Ryder showed me photos of the leakage areas and explained how it would be fixed. Ryder also gave me his cell phone number in case a leak occurred after the repairs, and said he would come out and inspect the area ASAP if needed. I feel better now that I know the problem areas and they will be fixed.”

— 2/20/2014

I did a bit of research before I chose someone to come and check out my roof. Acoma won. They also were able to come out earlier that previously scheduled (within a week). Ryder, representing Acoma, came over, took me outside, and showed me the situation. He went up on the roof and found slipping tiles as well. He verbally told me a ball park figure but would send me a proposal within 48 hours with work to be done within a week after I approved it. There was never any talk of fee for estimate BUT this is a house already owned. I get the policy.
At this point, we are looking to approve the work with visions of replacing the entire roof in the next couple of years. I will be able to state, after the work is done, definitively that I will go with Acoma to do the roof replacement. The key word is confidence and My wife & I are feeling it with Acoma! The stress from not knowing where to go next has been resolved. I will followup this review after the dust has settled!

UPDATE Aug 13,2015: Read your own reviews! I should have since I couldn’t remember the followup! Yes, Acoma did my vet replacement & patch work. Fast, efficient and fair price!
Since the annual rain season decided to go for a personal best, I’ve had to bring in the troops again on a couple of problem areas. Ryder O’Brian came back, did a tour in the crawl space, and is taking action to establish the issue. Trust me when I say I’m comfortable with the methodical plan to resolved the issues! Acoma will take care of me AND I just elevated my star count! Yes, I recommend them!

— Christopher S., 01/07/2014

“I was so pleasantly surprised by Acoma and their employees that I had to share this experience! Every employee completely exceeded my expectations! I live in a condo, and Acoma was contracted to replace our roof. They are very organized, conscientious, and keep their work area clean; in fact, they even run large magnets all over to retrieve any loose nails or metal debris. I would absolutely hire them again or recommend them to anyone needing a quality roofer!”

— 5/29/2012

“Acoma Roofing just finished our roof in Landsbrook. The job looks great! They came in with a large crew and never stopped working. While other homes being done sat for weeks, our job was finished in 8 working days. Great clean up. They were nice guys, friendly and courteous. I would highly recommend to everyone.”

— 6/24/2011

“I just want you to know what a top notch company I think you have. From the start of the job until the finished roof, I have no complaints whatsoever. As a matter of fact, I only have nice things to say. Ryder O’Brien went over in full detail everything I should expect with measurements and prices, and he did not leave me with any surprises, which was a good thing. Kenny’s crew showed great teamwork as they did my roof. They continued working very steady until the last shingle was on and the mess all cleaned up. The roof looks great, and l have Acoma Roofing to thank for it. Steve and San, l want to say this reflects how you run your business with such professionalism and workers who are highly trained at what they do. I will highly recommend you to anyone who is in need of a roof.”

— Mike Harrell

“I used Acoma Roofing for a flat garage roof. Brian was supervising the job. I had an estimate given by Ryder. He gave me a very fair price. They were both pleasant to deal with. I am very satisfied with the job. It looks great and looks like it will last a long time. I will highly recommend them.”

— Joe, NJ


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